Heat Pumps Hampshire (Air Source Heat Pump Installers)

Here at CAD Air Conditioning we are passionate about delivering smart and cost-efficient solutions to all your heating needs. As part of our vast range of services, we are pleased to offer a professional supply and heat pump installation service for commercial and residential premises. Heat pumps are one of the most reliable, effective, and economical ways of creating a warm and comfortable environment in your home.

Advantages of Installing Heat Pumps

  • Cheaper to run than oil and gas boilers.
  • Less maintenance is required than combustion heating systems.
  • Reduced carbon emissions.
  • Heat is distributed more evenly.
  • The need for fuel deliveries are eliminated.
  • You may have additional income through Renewable Heat Incentives.
  • Can provide cooling through summer.
  • Safer than systems based on combustion.
  • Life-span is extremely high – (up to 50 years).

Over 20 Years Experience

We have over 20 years' experience and are fully certified to carry out heat pump installations, and possess extensive knowledge of the most cost-effective solution for every residential and commercial building.

We also offer expert heat pump maintenance services (both scheduled and on-demand) to ensure that your heat pump remains in good condition for optimal performance and maximum savings.

If you require further information, a quotation, or would like to arrange a consultation, get in touch with us on 01252 372605 or email cad.air@btinternet.com and a member of the team will be happy to assist.

How Do Ground Source Heat Pumps Work?

Heat from the ground is absorbed at a low temperature into a fluid in a loop or pipe which is buried underground. The fluid is then passed through a compressor, raising it to a higher temperature – this heats the water for the house or commercial property and this is how ground source heat pumps work.

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air. This heat can then be used for radiators, hot water, underfloor heating systems, or warm air convectors. You may need to apply for planning permission before installing any type of heat pump.

Flexi Type Unit Commercial Air Conditioning

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